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      I’ve an issue with a stupid bloody low speed squeal driving me round the bend.
      The hub has been rebuilt and I’ve replaced the discs and pads. The bike is a 2015 Cube AMS with fox 32 forks.

      I’ve tried to find an answer online but it’s driving me mad.
      The through axle screws into a nut on the bottom of the fork that has numbers around it. I’m not familiar with what this but assume it has an optimal position?
      The wheeel has “cups” on the axle that rotate if the and I suspect these are the cause of this annoying squeal. I have cured the issue with silicone grease but it always wears off.
      I suspect that the issue is my not understanding what the purpose of the numbered nut thingy is.

      Hope this makes sense to someone. All help much appreciated:-)

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