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      Hey everyone, just wondering everyone else’s thoughts on these two rides, and wanted to play a little game. (I’ve done both, so just interested to see what your choice would be.)

      If you went to Moab, and only had one day to ride (shuttle) and had to pick between Mag-7 and the Whole Enchilada, what would you choose and why? Both are full day rides, but vastly different in terrain and profile.

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      Mag for me.  It has more climbing.  Who wouldn’t want that?


      Srsly tho, both are obviously great and both are entertaining.  Mag seems more adventurous and difficult so it gets my vote.

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        Mag 7 does seem a little more high-consequence, and thus more adventurous if things were to go wrong. And definitely more climbing!

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      I would probably go with the Whole Enchilada (although it is a hard choice). For me, it comes down to one thing: variety. The Mag 7 doesn’t even come close to the Whole Enchilada in terms of the different riding surfaces, flora, fauna, and views you pass along the way. Portal may be extreme, but the Whole Enchilada is the equivalent of an entire trip to the West packed into one ride.

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        That is a good way to put it. It does seem like a lot more big, sandstone slabs on Mag-7 for the duration of the ride.

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