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      Anybody in central MA want to train for a race? I only ride with old guys here so i need to find some legs to beat mine up once the weather starts getting warmer and the days start getting longer…

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      Hey Matt!

      Definitely get in with the NEMBA guys ( – there are people there twice my age who consitantly hand me my own butt. There’s some real movers out there, and most are really, really nice fellows, too.

      Where in central MA are you riding? My folks live in Spencer, and when I’m in town, I try to hit up Hodges in Oxford, Rayburn in Millbury, etc.

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      Hey i’m definitely not trying to dump on OMP (old man power 😃 ) just looking for someone who wants to race. I haven’t ridden hodges since i was a kid (and OMP was YMP) with my dad and my uncle. Normally when i ride i like to hit up the prison camps in rutland. they’re like 15 minutes from worcester where i’m located. I’ll have to check out the nemba guys. I think they’re s a few local teams around too that i could look into. Guess i should really start working now!


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      Absolutely, man – there’s TONS of riding around that area. I haven’t really explored the Rutland prison camps, though I’ve ridden before. All I found was fire roads, so maybe I just need a better tour? The camps themselves are cool to see, though.

      The NEMBA page has a lot of the local trails, and from Worcester, a 30 minute drive can land you at all kinds of cool places. Callahan in Framingham is fun, I love Rayburn, Singeltary is getting really big, Vietnam in Milford is rad, Hodges in Oxford has developed quite nicely for mountain bikes… there’s a ton.

      Next time I head out towards that neck of the woods, I’ll drop you a PM and we can put in some miles if you want!

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      Prison Camps, eh? Sounds interesting.

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      "fleetwood" wrote

      Prison Camps, eh? Sounds interesting.

      It’s a bit of a misnomer – they were actually quarantine camp and farm for prisoners of the Civil War with tuberculosis.

      From [url:3pxbztoj][/url:3pxbztoj]

      [i:3pxbztoj]From 1903 to 1933, the State of Massachusetts ran a hospital and farm for prisoners with tuberculosis in the westerly part of Rutland. The prisoners operated a large farm and many were cured with the fresh air and healthy foods.

      The 900 acre tract of land known as the Prison Camp area is bounded by Rte 122 in Rutland, Oakham and Barre, the Ware and Burnshirt Rivers and Intervale Road, Charnock Road and Rte 122A in Rutland.

      The idea of an industrial camp for prisoners originated in the early 1900’s with the Prison Commissioners. Rutland was known for its healthy environment since the first Sanatorium in Massachusetts for tuberculosis was already located here. Prisoners were from prisons in Charlestown, Deer Island, Norfolk and some from Summer Street jail in Worcester. Due to the crowded conditions, where they were confined, and these prisoners came to Rutland with tuberculosis, emaciated, weak and in need of nurturing. Some of them were lifers, some short time prisoners convicted of minor crimes.

      Those who were able hacked through the thick growth and cleared 150 acres, transforming them into a thriving farm. A 100 bed hospital was built and operated largely by inmates, even some of the doctors were prisoners.


      Today, all that is visible are the remains of the vegetable cellar, a building known as the Stone House used infrequently for solitary confinement, the hospital and dairy barn foundations as nature is reclaiming the area with vegetative growth.

      A cemetery area may be seen near Goose Hill cemetery on Charnock Hill Road. This area contains the remains of 59 prisoners who had died at the camp.[/i:3pxbztoj]

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      The prison camps are loaded with amazing singletrack. There are even some newly built trails modeled after some of the Kingdom Trails up in Vermont. Pretty much as soon as the snow clears and the time changes i’ll be out there a couple nights a week. So if you ever want to ride let me know. I’ve been riding them since i was a kid and have some pretty good loops down.

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      I’ll totally take you up on that, man!

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