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      “M Hill” stands right in the middle of Rapid City, SD and is so named for the concrete letters sMd adorning it’s top. The hill is crisscrossed with tons of trails but they almost all lead to the same place so finding your way around isn’t too difficult. To get there, take Omaha Street (AKA Deadwood Ave AKA Highway 44) to Canal Street and pull into the little park on the north side of the road. Don your helmit and bicycle here. A paved bike path runs right next to that parking lot; take that west for about 600 yards and the path will cross Rapid Creek on a relatively narrow bridge. After crossing the bridge head straight instead of following the paved trail and you are on the hill.

      Here is a like to a google map, the the satellite photo you can see the parking lot clearly (along with the sMd).


      PS: M Hill might not be the official name but that is what I’ve called it as long as I’ve known of it’s existence.

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      Everything is dry and in good condition. There was a downed tree across a trail on the east side of the hill but that just makes for more interesting riding. The trails on this hill are almost always in good condition except right after it rains. Watch out when it’s windy too, there are trees on the hill but they don’t seem to prevent sand blowing in your face.


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