Low Pressure Gauge Accuracy – what's the most accurate gauge?

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      I’ve been using an analog tire pressure gauge graduated to 30psi to judge my fat bike tire pressures of ~6psi this winter. However I’d been having some issues with pressures I’ve used in the past feeling too low. Just got the battery replaced in my digital Topeak gauge and it is registering PSIs at roughly 1/2 of the analog gauge — 4 vs 8, 2 vs 4, etc. So what do you think: is the analog not graduated low enough to be accurate? Or is something else going on?

      What low tire pressure gauge do you use for your fat bike tires?

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      My “opinion” is the gauge really doesn’t have to be hyper accurate, just consistent.  If my gauge says 6 psi and my tires performed well that day I just want it to get around 6 again in the same conditions.  Unless you pay a huge amount of money on a calibrated gauge and then have it recalibrated at set intervals you really can’t rely on the pressure being truly accurate.  I use an analog gauge that goes up to 30 psi and it has a fairly large dial, easier for my old eyes to see.  The readings seem to be fairly constant so I am happy.  Ride quality, squeezing the tire, and bulge of tire also come into play when I ride with my fattie or trail bike.  Good luck!

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      I just use my regular foot pump’s gauge, then feel it. I always start high, then feel the ride on the trail, release some air, feel it, and good to go.

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      I have the 0-15 psi Meiser Accu-Gauge. I’m not sure on the accuracy because I have nothing to compare it to, but I do like it and use it before almost every ride on the fat bike. It does seem pretty consistent.

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