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      Let me introduce myself first. I’m Brian, 24. Just moved from Orlando to Ft. Lauderdale and find myself with a ton of free time. In the past I’ve been more of taking in the sights via a canoe with a friend or my kayak that met with a tragic accident not to long ago. Now that I don’t have access to either, and am in a new environment, I am looking to pick up mountain biking.

      A friend of mine moved up to VA and got into it, had a rockhopper or something along them lines. Lots of good trails up there. Looking around the site I am sure I’ll find a descent trail, just got home and started up my search again, so haven’t gotten to it. And I’ll be around between Ft. Lauderdale, Miami and Orlando here and there, so between the area, lots of fun is to be had.

      So anyway… I want to go all in on my first shot, so I’m looking to spend up to 1500 for the bike, the less probably the better. Gotta grab the accessories and I also want to grab a second set of wheels & tires to be able to swap them out for road use. Probably not necessary but from what I’ve been reading having a smoother tire might go a bit easier on road. After all is said and done, probably about 2k will be spent. Then on the other hand, I am thinking about going in and grabbing something like the Specialized Hardrock 09′ for somewhere under 500, but also grabbing the extra set of tires for it.

      So I’m looking for some advice as far as a bike goes. In the past I’ve owned products from GT and Gary Fisher. A nice start-up new person kit would be helpful if anyone could do me that favor and take the time.

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      It all really depends on your riding style and preference along with the trails you’ll be riding. If you’re riding bumpy trails and want a full suspension I would go with a Giant Trance X4 for $1500. Or if you are riding smoother trails or don’t mind a hardtail I might go with something like a Giant XTC…a lightweight hardtail. Giant has good bikes for the money. Or If you’re less worried about weight you can go with a Specialized Rockhopper or Hardrock, but you may want to upgrade some of the parts. The Hardrock would be the more rugged of the two but have less quality components than the Rockhopper. But then again the Hardrock may have a tougher wheelset…decisions decisions. Or you can get a pretty nice Cannondale hardtail for under $1500.

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      Welcome to Singletracks! With advancements in bike technology these days, the selection of bikes is greater then ever. Some manufactures are offering big discounts due to the downturn with economy. If you can, test ride some bikes on the trails you will be riding the most. Remember, for the money, a hardtail will be the lightest and spec’d with better components then a full suspension at the same price. Personally, I prefer full suspension for the technical singletrack I ride back home in WA and out here in Germany. In the end, make sure you get the bike that fits you well, even if it means saving for a little bit longer. Again, welcome to the club and the wonderful world of mountain biking.

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      Welcometo the Site! It’s always good to hear of new people gettinng into the sport that we here enjoy so much. If you look at some of the older postings you will see lists of items to get when you start out. They will include a helmet, hydration (pack), bike tool, and clothing (moisture wick shirts, gloves, bike shorts, shades, etc). I would consider the first three mandatory. Clothing can be done at your leisure. As far as bikes everyone has thrown several good ones out. I would add looking at the Gary Fisher Hoo Koo E Koo or Tassajara (hardtails) or the entry HiFi (full susp). Trek has the Fuel Ex which comes in entry levels (5.5 or 6.5) and their upper/mid level hardtails the 6700. Good luck with your shopping.

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      welcome to Singletracks!

      Mongoose, there are lots of new mountain bikers popping up in Florida! Is there something in the water there or are you out spreading the word?!? 😆

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      Has he been spreading the word, or sowing the oats and now reaping the harvest? 😎

      (Sorry, couldn’t resist.)

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