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      I am looking to buy new MTB tires. I ride in the colorado rocky mountain region, so the terrain is usually dry, rocky, and hard packed. I am looking at the Panaracer Dart/Smoke tire currently on sale at performance. Does anyone have experience with these tires? Other options??


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      I’m surprised that no one else has jumped on this one yet. I would recommend WTB VelociRaptors. These tires are awesome. If you read that reviews in the gear section of the site you will get an idea. They grip just about anything that’s not paved. They really dig in when climbing and you literally feel the grip when going through the turns, any turn!

      All of this may be in vain since this was posted back in March. So maybe it will serve you well the next time on your next set of tires.

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      What superman said…

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      I got a pair of the wtb moto raptor’s this year and they are flippin awsome.2.4 and the tread just stick’s to everything here in colorado front range’s dry dirt,rock’s,hard pack,even the plastic board’s on the new bridge at mathew’s/winter’s.

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      "Mongoose" wrote

      Moto Raptors are also great MTB tires by far, from what I have heard from two of my buddies that use them. MTB in general makes some great XC MTB tires. If you go to Singletracks or Mtbr.com rider reviews for MTB tires, you will get a better look at what MTB tires are available to you with rider reviews.

      Do you mean WTB not MTB???

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      "Mongoose" wrote

      😯 Oooooops! Some more brain farts! 😮

      My bad! I corrected it. Thanks spaz, jeez, what would I do with out you bud.

      Everything that you already do…

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      HA your funny.

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