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      I haven’t really rode/owned a bike since I was a kid and I’m 33 years old now but very active.  I live in Eastern Nebraska and would primarily be riding beginner to intermediate trails around the Omaha Metro area once I feel confident and also riding simple paths with my 9 year old.  I don’t plan on hitting any big jumps, going crazy fast or anything super technical at this point.  I just want to ride and have a good bit of fun with a little bit of air.  If I get to a point where doing those things is a priority then I would be willing to get another bike that is more suited to those activities like a full suspension and spend some serious money.  Bike selection is pretty limited in my area and really only have Treks to choose from.  So with that in mind I have been looking at the Trek Marlin 5, 6, and 7.  I understand you obviously get better components the more that you spend, but what I am really interested in what will do the job and not be overkill.  For example I don’t need a Ferrari to drive to work, it would be fun but unnecessary.  Any insight would be appreciated.  I’m really kinda leaning to the Marlin 6 since it is routed for a dropper post.  Not really interested in other brands since the local bike shops have good service and tons of Treks on hand.

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      You are on the right track. Go with the Marlin 6. That is a good bike to start with based on your description of how you want to use it. Trek is a very solid brand and the Marlin is a good entry level bike. You can develop your skills and see how into you will be. After a few years and more becoming more educated you will probably have a good idea of what you want next. By the way welcome to the MTB community. Riding with kids is great. Just took my two 9 yr olds this morning to the trails and we had a great time.

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        Good deal.  I have tried to do a lot of research but tons of it can be pretty conflicting depending on what camp the writer/reviewer is sitting in.  Just didn’t want to end up with too much bike (probably not a bad thing).  I just didn’t want to regret not spending another $150 for what the Marlin 7 has which is likely overkill for my needs at this point and the extra money can be put into all the other things I need to hit the trail.

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        I also suppose that upgrading this one in a year or two is always a possibility as well.

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      I think you’re on the right path – a quality hardtail is a great place to start. Marlin could be a very good fit if budget is a major concern, but if you’re willing to spend a little more, the Roscoe 7 could pay off in the long run. 1) hard tail with plus tires (2.8″) is a great combination – the plus tires will gobble up the smaller roots and rocks you’re likely starting on. And even if you do a serious upgrade to full suspension later, there’s a good chance you’d keep riding the hardtail+. 2) I’m a big fan of dropper post and 1X drivetrain – Roscoe 7 has both.

      Marlin may be a very good fit, but just throwing this out there if you’re willing to stretch. Make the choice, ride it hard, and never look back – the trail is in front of you!

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        I failed to mention earlier the thing that makes me pause on getting the Marlin 6 is the front fork.  Is it able to handle small jumps and up to intermediate tracks?

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