looking into ideas for an all inclusive MTB vacation

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      My wife and I are looking into all inclusive MTB vacation ideas for later this year. We are both intermediate/advanced level riders and are more interested in non guided rides. Any firsthand experiences from this community would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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      Check into either Brevard, NC area (E coast) or the Sedona, AZ area (West).  They’re both pretty awesome.

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      I vacationed in Bryson City, NC last fall and loved it.  Great riding at Tsali and Fire Mountain, plus a whole lot of things to see and do besides riding.

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      I like this idea, but am not exactly sure what you are looking for in an all inclusive but not guided.  Air B&B where the owner is a local rider?  What is it that you want specifically?  I ask, because I’ve thought about this also.  Wondering what options are out there???

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      I have been enjoying a mountain bike solo safari up here in the Northeast: State owned cabins at state parks are cheaper than a motel, with that campground vibe…I booked a cabin close to some killer laps, and with an eye for local support.(breweries, restaurants, bike shops). I used to do a couple of days with the wife and kid, but lately i have done this solo. Either way link up some cool trails online, Google the area for support, and check out your state parks!t Stowe Vt.

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      Have a look at hut trips. Supported rides within the hut systems.



      Here’s another hut system.


      Worth a look at the various places that offer similar opportunities.



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      I have had a few friends recently do AirBNB stays in the Bentonville area.  They are raving about it. I am hoping to get there soon.

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      Check out Mulberry Gap in Ellijay, GA: https://www.mulberrygap.com/

      It’s a basecamp, if you will, to some of the best singletrack on the east coast. It’s family-run and they usually have family-style dinners and prepared sack lunches to take on your ride with you. You can camp or they have a number of cozy cabins–with hot tubs! They’ll even shuttle you to or from rides.

      Happy riding!

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      You’re not giving a lot of info on the kind of riding you like, but the closest to “all-inclusive” in the mountain biking world I could think of would be a bikepark. Accomodations, food, and riding advice / lift access all in one place. In the rockies a place like Vail comes to mind – we were there a few years ago and there is both lift-serviced DH as well as a huge variety of trails to pedal very close. Tons of of destinations in europe, in the Alps and elsewhere, with tons of amenities for riding and otherwise – places like paganella, finale ligure, Zermatt, etc.

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