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      Hi all,

      I’m new to this site. very keen mountain biker, and now that my kids are grown up, i want to do more travelling with my bike. Last year i did a 20-day biking trip around Peru (was billed as 80% off-road, but ended up being 80% on-roads!.

      I was initially thinking of 2 weeks in NZ and then 2 weeks in Auz, but due to time and logistics this year, i won’t be able to make it.

      I want to spend approx 10-15 days riding trails – single track etc, and not spend all the time on a tourbus!

      Any tips / locations or groups advice would be most welcomed!



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      I have only ever actually biked in Michigan and Florida.

      depending on time of year,

      Utah seams a prime spot, if you like downhill you need to visit Whistler in Canada. Scotland looks great.

      If you are not worried about lots of elevation, there are good areas in Tallahassee FL, Santos at Ocala FL, Alafia between Orlando and Tampa and Markham near Miami.

      There are a ton of trails around Kansas City MO, and it is a nice place to visit.

      Summer only Marquette and Copper Harbor MI areas are good.

      Texas and Arizona both have good areas.

      France, Nothern Italy and Switzerland look good and have bike friendly trains.

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      I second Utah and will add Colorado to the list. You can easily ride 10-15 days, hitting a different world-class trail each day in either state, or both states!

      Are you looking to set up a “basecamp” in one spot for the whole trip, or would you be willing to move around and stay different places?

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      thanks for the replies. Im looking to ‘do’ a trail centre for 4-5 days, then move on to another one.

      Ideally i would like to get some tutoring to improve my skills, then do some trails – downhill and also some guided trails would be good. this would be over a week or so’s time (depending on the number of activities i could find to do), then move on to another base for a different experience the next week or so.

      was thinking of a combination of Whistler then onto a trail centre near Seattle.

      or maybe

      Denver / colorado springs then into Utah

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      options are limitless. Most important is not squeezing as many trails in those 10 days. Personally, I can fully enjoy a trail only on a second and following rides, because on a first ride it’s all unknown and I can’t ride full speed. That being said, you might change your original plan and stay in one place for a couple days.

      I would recommend Salida, Fruita/Grand Junction, Moab. 10-15 days should be enough to scratch a surface and make you want to come back there again

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      I lived in Colorado Springs for 19 years.  Definitely Colorado Springs. There are there TONS of trails in the Springs (Palmer Park – admittedly a confusing mess of trails but there is a great loop there – Cheyenne Mountain State Park, Air Force Academy – call or check the website but you should be able to get in the north gate on most days).  That’s not even touching the trails that come off Gold Camp (Stratton, Chutes, Captain Jacks – more moto lately but great if you like sandy woops).  You also have quick access to Pueblo Reservoir, Oil Well Flats and Salida.  Buffalo Creek is equidistant from the Springs and Denver.  Denver is…  Well Denver is crowded and full of trail conflicts, in my experience.

      I live in Ogden, Utah now, and Ogden is a great base.  The Bonneville Shoreline is a great trail for getting used to the riding here.  Then you have Sardine loop, Snowbasin and Powder Mountain Ski resorts.  Wheeler Creek makes a nice 14-15 mile loop to include Sardine.  I’ve heard Skyline is pretty good, but I’ve not ridden it yet.  Plus, you’re about an hour’s drive to Park City.  We’ve had a metric s#!+ ton of snow this winter, so if you’re looking to come here, I’d say by July all the snow should be mostly gone.  Moab is 4 hours away, and I’ve heard there is great riding in Logan. Boise is 5 (6?) hours away.   BTW, if you want a really cool trip, Bikerpelli runs a Kokopelli Trail (Fruita to Moab) trip over 3 days.  Registration starts tomorrow (18 Jan 2017) at 10am MST.  You need to be ready to hit the register button at 1000, or you won’t get a spot.  They run two trips, 4 May and  10 May, 90 riders each.  I’m not affiliated with the company, but this will be my 7th time doing Kokopelli.  It’s a little addicting.  If you want more info on either place, hit me up.

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      Take a look at Wydaho (Jackson Hole/Teton Valley, ID). I spent a week there in 2015 and I’m dying to go back! You can stay in Driggs or Victor, ID which is minutes away from Horseshoe Canyon for some nice short XC, Mill Creek Trail for a long climb and killer descent, and Grand Targhee which is a fantastic lift-assisted bike park. There’s a handful of other trails on the Idaho side that I didn’t get to, too. And this is just the appetizer…. Once over the Teton pass, you have a SLEW of amazing trails on the WY side. If you can arrange a shuttle or are taking a second vehicle, you can spend an entire day descending a bunch of trails from atop the pass (Lithium, Jimmy’s Mom, Black Canyon, and more). Then, further into Jackson, check out Phillips Ridge to Phillips Canyon, Cache to Game, Munger Mountain, and another lift assist in the Jackson Hole Resort. Good luck!

      Your Next MTB Trip: Spending a Week In Wydaho

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      There have been several articles on here with lists of places that have been fabulous in helping my husband and I plan our vacation.

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      Hey Peter, perhaps we could get together for a while. Check out my blog “Road trip of a lifetime”…

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      I said “blog” but I meant my forum post here on singletracks…

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      Hi Peter. So sorry to hear that your bike trip in Peru wasn’t as expected. I’m a peruvian mountain biker and this that you mention happens very often. Many different companies that offers mtb bike tours but they are truly for beginners. Besides this, Peru is a country with an incredible potential for mtb trips. Check this site http://www.selqha.com where the best mtb guides of Peru gathered to solve issues like mentioned by you. You can arrange the trip directly with true mountain bikers and no with a sales agent of a your agency.

      Maybe the inspiration for your next bike trip can be to give a second opportunity to Peru. I’m sure that while you were riding our roads you were watching our mountains imagining that there must be incredible singletracks between them.

      And for anyone else reading this. Probably a trip to Peru is something you do only once in your life. Bring your bike and ride this amazing mountains. Look for real local mountain bikers to ride them properly.



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      hi jim,


      yes I’ve been looking at your blog for your trip – looks epic!!! – I’ve jet to decided my destination.

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      After listening to the Singletracks podcast, I am interested in going to check out Mulberry Gap Mountain Bike Get-a-way.  The owners sound awesome and the vibe of the place sounds great.  I think I am going to schedule a trip when I can do one of the Ninja skills clinics and start improving my abilities a little bit.  I am also planning on checking out the NW Arkansas area soon too.  That sounds like it is quickly becoming one of the top destinations for year round riding.  Here is a link to the Mulberry Gap site.  http://www.mulberrygap.com/

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