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      I recently picked up a Giant XTC 2 about a month ago…it still has the stock tires on it which are Kenda 8 block tires I think (racing tires). However the back tire is getting noticeable bald and I will probably be looking to change them soon.

      What are the best for just XC and technical trails…Im not really looking for speed just something that will last a long time and has more grip.

      Thanks in advance!

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      Kenda Nevegals are popular and a good all around tire.

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      +1 for WTB Velociraptors. I first got them when I had my specialized rockhopper and it turned it into a different bike. I still run them now on my full suspension and they have yet to let me down.

      As for where I’ve run them, check out my trail list.

      Also, you can usually catch them for a decent price at Jensen.

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      Awesome, thanks guys. Im defintely checking out the velociraptors.

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      While the Velociraptors come very highly recommended, I’ve not had a chance to run them myself. I switched last minute and picked up a set of WTB Weirwolfs. Like the raptors, the rear is reversible based on soil conditions. The front steer and braking performance is amazing. I’ve yet to have the front wash out from under me under heavy braking on the steeps, which I can’t say for my prior tires.

      Still, you can’t beat the value on those raptors.

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      Kenda small block 8s…wear out like erasers at the end of a #2 pencil…and are really best for hard pack only.. the Nevegals are good, but won’t last long either..very soft and at $50 a hit…well you already know by now.

      Options in the 2.1 size for XC..IMHO WTB Veloc are very good..they are pretty narrow for 2.1 and the front isn’t the best when it gets loose in the turns…in my experience it will wash out….the rear is superb when spun around for the dry or wet traction and the paddle design works great in sandy soils and when it gets sticky muddy.

      A bullet proof XC tire recommendation is the Panaracer Fire XC Pro…in the 127 TPI from Japan not the 60TPI made in Taiwan. About $37 a tire…they are a good volume 2.1, the knobs are great for traction on technical rocky sections as well as hard pack sprints with limited snake bite potential.

      Given this…on one of my XC race bikes I usually run a Pana XC Fire Pro on front with the WTB Veloc rear. These two tire models have been around for almost 10 yrs now, with no design changes..that says a lot.
      Good Luck.

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      "cujo" wrote

      Kenda Nevegals are popular and a good all around tire.

      Nevegals. You can find them for around $32, and if you’re worried about durability, get the dual tread compound. you might also think about putting a Nevegal on front and putting your good Small Block 8 in the rear. Knobby in front small block in the rear is a popular choise in Boise for foothills riding.

      Me, Nevegals all the way around (2.35). I’ll sacrafice rolling for grip on the downhills anytime.

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