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      Im looking for a mtb with a budget of $1500. need help getting a bike that can handle my size

      im 6ft2in 330lbs weight is coming down started out 6months ago today at 382.

      want to get a bike thats going to last me awile as my weight goes down

      thanks for any help

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      Check out these Diamondbacks. Both sturdy hardtails, nice components, $1599 delivered.



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      I’d also suggest finding out your LBS demo schedule and their demo inventory. I don’t think I can foot stomp enough the value of taking a bike on the trail to know for sure what you like. I haven’t been riding a long time, just 12 years now but I think demoing before buying is invaluable information. I have numerous examples of friends and most recently of myself and I got burned for not following my own advice. Last fall I must have read and reviewed the Trek Stache for months and could not believe the incredible reviews it had. So without taking it for a spin other than in the parking lot I purchased one and went all out with a carbon 9.6. My LBS all rode them as well and told me how much I would love this bike like no other. 5 months later I sold the bike because I absolutely hated it. I tried to like it but it just didn’t do it for me the way my last bike did on any level. I had only sold my last bike because I had stopped riding about 2 years and I was now just getting back into it after some health concerns cleared. The stache seemed to be the latest and greatest from all the glowing reviews, which I have no doubt it is phenomenal for those that like it but man each bike is different for each rider.

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      Great comments and suggestions by goonie.  Also at 6’2″ 330lbs (and going down =) ).  I would think that you will feel best on a 29er and in an XL.  If you are new to mountain biking, do not underestimate the importance of frame size.  You should mostly like get an XL frame.  It will go a long ways in helping you to not “endo” (go over the handlebars), especially as a young rider.  Sometimes, I see large frames recommended for up to 6’2″.  So you might be in the “middle” between a Lg and an XL.  Strongly consider going with the XL frame.  It will give you more bike/protection/support in front of you to not endo.

      Also, where will you be mostly riding?  That’s important in determining what kind of bike might be best for you.

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      Best of luck, getting that perfect bike.  Hope you are really happy with your purchase.

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      You, my large friend, need a steel bike. And Plus sized tires! Honestly, a great option at your price point is a Jamis Dragonslayer Sport. It was on my short list when I was doing my shopping. Definitely recommend getting a hardtail if $1500 is your budget (as it was mine,) you’ll get a much better set of components at that price point. Best of luck, I started a couple of months ago at 6’3″ 255 lbs, I’m now south of 240 and did my first race last weekend!

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