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      So I’m in the market for a hardtail 29er with hydraulic disc brakes. I took a look at a 2015 Specialized Rockhopper Comp and liked it. It was $850. They also had a 2014 for a few bucks more at $889. I rode both and liked the 2014 better and it has better components from what I can see. I rode a Cannondale Trail 3 as that’s what another shop had on the floor in my size and I liked the 2014 Rockhopper better. I plan to use this bike as a mountain bike and also to pull my daughter in a bike trailer and as an all around bike for when we go camping so I’m looking for something versatile which is why I’m looking at hardtail 29ers. Any other models/brands I should be looking at? Trek looks like they have lesser components at the $850 price range. Airborne sounds cool but they’re currently sold out and I want something now. The Seeker seems pretty comparable to the 2014 Stumpjumper Comp anyway. I haven’t shopped for a ride in awhile so I’m rusty on the levels of components so any input/advice is appreciated. By the way I’m about 5’11" and weigh 250 if that matters. I’m usually about a medium as I have a short inseam.

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