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      Hey everyone,

      I moved to Montana a few years ago and when I was researching the area, I found a surprising lack of footage on the local trails. Particularly in my new hometown of Helena, but also of Montana in general. I got a gopro for an unrelated purpose, but decided I would start making videos of the local trails to get some good footage out there. I’m planning on uploading videos pretty regularly, about once a week, and just uploaded my first video yesterday.

      Please take a look and see what you think! Any constructive feedback is greatly appreciated.

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      Nice. Thanks for sharing.

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      I moved to Helena almost 2 years ago now and I agree the mtn biking videos are very lacking for the great rides we have up here.  Rent Money is definitely one of my wife and I’s favorite rides.  Awesome video and good luck with the new channel.

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      Thanks for watching, glad you guys like the format! Helena really is a great spot for mountain biking, I love how accessible the trails are here.

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      Video number two is up now!


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      Nice job on the videos.

      If our Whistler trip get the kibosh, we’re thinking about trying MT for the 1st time. Long drive from SoCal though. We’re thinking about heading to the Kalispell/Whitefish areas and then hitting Jackson Hole on the way back home.

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      If you end up doing a trip to MT, I would recommend looking into riding at Big Sky bike park as well, I actually like their trails a lot better than the bike park at Whitefish. It would only be a bit of a detour on the way to Jackson Hole, too. Depending on the time of year you would go, look into Wydaho at Grand Targhee as well.

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      What about sound in video?

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      Thanks, nice video. Thanks for sharing. Guys do you use a video converter https://getmp3.me/? How useful it is? How often do you use it and why? I’d like to download some video clips and try to convert them, but I failed. Please help me with that. Advise me a good video converter, hope this is the one I can use.

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