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      I am looking to update my mt. bike.  I have 2001 Cannondale F600 which was about a 1100 bike when I bought it.  The head shock is shot and the cassette also needs to be replaced.  Just wondering what bikes in the 600-1000 dollar range are really popular and that people suggest.   I enjoyed my Cannondale but I don’t like the proprietary nature of all the parts and components(like the Head shock).  I really want something that has readily available parts and that can use generic parts.   I’ll probably start looking at Giant, Specialzed, and Trek.

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      For less than $1000, honestly I would consider looking at used bikes. Don’t get anything more than 4-5 years old and never pay more than 50% of the original retail price (not including upgrades) for a used bike.

      If you prefer to go with a new bike, the big 3 do have bikes to choose from in the $600-1000 range, so be sure to check this out:

      Buyer’s Guide: Budget Hardtail Mountain Bikes

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      If you want another hardtail, check vitus sentier. Hands down the most bike for the money on the planet right now. Around 1100 shipped. Buying a used bike will lead you to the same situation as your other post.

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      At that budget I would vote too for a new one. Start with what suggested above.

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