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      I’m just getting into mtb and am looking to purchase a bike. My budget is around $700 but no more than $900. Any suggestions?

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      Prices have gone up quite a lot in the last year.   What was $700 a 1.5 years ago is $900 now.   In addition to that,  the availability is still limited.  A lot of bikes are out of stock. I would offer a couple pieces of advice:

      • Hardtail not Full Suspension:  Full suspension at that price range is not great.  It will be heavy, have unserviceable and/or short lived linkages and not great performance.  Also the geometry on cheap full suspension leads to bad performance.
      • Consider where you ride:  If you are in the midwest,  you can get away with a fully rigid fat bike.  This would allow you to ride in the winter and is more than adequate for mildly technical trails. It is better for areas with a lot of sand. If you are a BMX guy,  this will align with your natural bike handling style.   If you only can buy one bike,  there is a strong argument to go fat.
      • Buy Used:  Used bikes are not the bargain they used to be.  The bike market has changed a lot. Sellers are often getting top dollar for worn-out junk,  but you can find a deal if you are patient. I would caution that if you can’t spot worn out parts, or know what stuff is worth, just go new.

      Hope that helps

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