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      Hello all,


      I am a 50+ retiree who is visiting Colorado(Denver/Aurora) for the first time. I just arrived yesterday and am looking for opportunities to meet local bikers to ride some beginner/easy trails.  I would also like to find some local bike shops and see what local bike culture is like for old geezers like me.


      I have a basic mountain bike, nothing anybody would be jealous of.

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      A couple years ago, while visiting relatives I rode Ridgeline Open Space Trail in Castle Rock.   I would consider it a beginner/intermediate trail.

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      There’s a series of good beginner trails at Bear Creek State Park on the west end of the Denver area.

      REI also has a good app called MTB project which shows a map of all biking trails with ratings like on a ski run with green for easy, blue for intermediate and black for expert. Just make sure to look at the elevation profile. Even green trails like on Green Mountain can have monster climbs

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      Drive a little further south… just past Castle Rock and hit Dawson Butte.  Its beginner friendly and much more attractive than the rides closer to the city.

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      The areas adjacent to Boulder on both the north and south city limits have some good beginner singletrack. Also a good bike path network in town and the surrounding area, some of which are gravel paths.

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      As a fellow non-Coloradoan (but I do travel to Denver often), I would recommend you try Marshall Mesa / Doudy Draw trails and the University Bikes shop, both in and near Boulder. The trails are fairly easy, but still have nice views of the front range. Right out of Boulder is the Boulder Bike trail, and if you’re feeling more confident try Betasso. However, Betasso is at least intermediate level.

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      Hey, Thrust, it’s still a little muddy most places, but I have to second the advice to get an app on your phone. Trailforks, like MTBProject, is free and works via the GPS feature of a smartphone, not dependent on cel reception. If you have the app (or even use the Trailforks or MTBProject web sites ahead of time), you can easily inventory easy trails near to and farther from you.

      Specifically, Green Mountain has some great views and not too far a drive. North Table Mountain could be another. Many other areas exist which have easy trails but perhaps not known for easy trails.

      I’m over in Golden, so don’t know shops in your corner, but Golden Bike Shop and Wheat Ridge Cyclery have been great.

      And…get over that old-person jive. Tons of us riding hard are long in the tooth. Just enjoy yourself and don’t worry what anyone thinks of your age or ability.

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      Have to second pedlr’s comment on age…. I never rode a mountain bike until I retired in my 60’s.

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      And…get over that old-person jive. Tons of us riding hard are long in the tooth. Just enjoy yourself and don’t worry what anyone thinks of your age or ability.


      I LOVE  your attitude. 

      I guess what Im really saying is nothing with excessive altitude or or a lot of hard climbing . I think I read somewhere you guys have bike shops that also have their own coffee shop ?

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        Right on, Thrust.

        I’m just visiting, so not too hip to the Denver scene. I bring in beer to my home shop, and we drink them on location. : )

        There is much reason to be stoked about riding, so keep digging into it. Mainly, just get out there. Go scope a trail on foot first if it increases comfort. Use lots of discretion by dismounting stuff you’re not sure about, and avoid getting injured. Get knee and elbow pads. Onward!


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      Hmm, since you are on the Singletracks site, type “Denver” into the search bar, and choose “trails near Denver CO”. Filter the list by beginner trails, and then sort by number of stars. For example:


      The map will show you where they are. Pick out a couple that are close to home and give them a try. As you gain experience, read about more trails and try the ones that sound fun to you. Rinse and repeat.

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        I tried one of the trails suggested Saturday but it was way too muddy. I guess maybe later this week Ill try again. I went looking for the HighLine canal trail but the section I found ended 200 yards after I got on and no one could seem to tell me where to resume so I gave up on that for now. Be here a while so Ive got time.

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      If it’s muddy in Denver, head to Pueblo.  Almost always dry and great riding!

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