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      hello guys and girls.
      my name is andrey and i am visiting the US. at the moment i am a counsler in a summer camp in Ohio, and i am finishin this job in about a month. after that i am planing to travel a little bit, and i would like to head on the East coast, down to the south.

      i have no bike here, and i will like to get to sites\a site where i can rent\buy a bike and be there for a week and bike a little bit! (interestedin singel track and crooscountry\free ride)

      i could really use your help!

      thank in advance.

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      The south is a big place. Give us an idea of some trails you want to ride or at least an area of a state that you’d like to visit. There are a lot of bike shops that rent but it’d help to find one close to you so you won’t have to travel too far to pick it up.

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      Where in Ohio are you? You might not be too far from Ray’s Bike Park…I hear that is worth checking out!

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      Ray’s MTB park is closed until January 1st, 2011 I believe. They are only open during the winter months. It’s a shame, because that is one of the coolest places I have ridden.

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