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      I am looking at upgrading to a full suspension bike. I was looking at the Kona Precept or the Trek Fuel EX 5. They are both a little too far out of my price range. So I was looking online at sites that sell new older model bike and found pricepoint.com they have great deals but not a lot of variety. I was wondering if anyone knows of any other sites like this that I can get a good mountain bike for about $1000-$1500.

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      Of course if you are confident of your ability to review the condition of a bike well, I would recommend Craigslist.  Also, where do you ride mostly?  I’m curious that you are not considering the Process, but instead the Precept.  The Process get such fantastic reviews.  Someday if I see a good used Process 134 or 153, I’m buying it.  Or at least I will be testing riding it to death.

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      I normally ride around Minnesota and Wisconsin… What about the Kona Hei Hei?

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        I’m not sure about the Hei Hei.  It is a 29er I believe, and I haven’t looked into 29ers so much.

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