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    im going to visit my brother in colorado this summer and he is wanting to do some biking/4x4ing in his new truck. so we where thinking some shuttle trails would be our best bet to cover both. does anyone know a good area maybe near crested butte that could satisfy both needs for a weekend? we will have our wives in tow that tent to be a bit more timid than use so we are looking for some thing that will keep everyone comfortable yet entertained

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    Check out the Phil’s World trail system in Cortez or the RAT trails in Ridgway.  Both systems are incredible with the ability to put together anything from a short loop to a solid 20+ mile ride.  The Rib Cage at Phil’s World is consistently rated one of the best flow trails in the U.S…and rightfully so.


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    Guess I should have read your whole post rather than just the title before I posted.  For some reason, can’t delete or edit my response.  Sorry ’bout that…

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    Yup, plenty of 4×4 shuttling to be done right in and around Crested Butte! Grab a map, look for the 4×4 roads, and the singletrack dropping off of them. No end of options.

    Doctor Park is a great trail and a 4×4 shuttle could be useful, but you really only need a decent rig for the last mile or two, and it’s not truly burly 4×4 road. Most moderately high clearance vehicles can make it.

    That said, plenty of options if you want to get adventurous.

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    awesome! thanks guys


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