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      I have a cheap mongoose bike and I would like to find some easy downhills for a beginner in the vegas area. some good xc beginners trails would be nice too. I would like to ride stuff over close to boulder city but don’t want to start out on the wrong trail and get in over my head.

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      Beginner downhill trails are pretty much moderate XC trails 😉

      Check with Las Vegas Cyclery on E. Charleston (east of Rainbow) and get directions to the Cottonwood Valley trail system south of Red Rocks. There are some excellent XC trails there and if you put in the time on the climbs, some excellent downhill runs (If parking in Blue Diamond, I highly recommend incorporating "Landmine Loop" into your ride).

      You can also head over to Boulder City and hit Bootleg Canyon, but the designated downhill trails there are serious business and definitely for true DH bikes, full face helmets and body armor. There are some excellent intermediate XC trails there as well.

      A quick note: There are a bunch of awesome trails in the Cottonwood Valley area that are not on the maps yet and the local shops typically only direct you to what is on the latest map. I put in a ton of miles riding the new and obscure trails there this winter and wish I would have GPS mapped them because there is some amazing stuff. If you are in decent shape, don’t hesitate to experiment a bit, you’ll find that you can link together some great loops (the geography makes it extraordinarily hard to get lost).

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