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      I’m on a budget and with possibly buying a house soon they may have to wait a couple months anyway.I’d love some WTB Laserdisc FR rims and some real nice hubs but that’s outta my price range realistically so I was considering these….


      25mm wide,built for all mountain use, and sealed cartridge bearing hubs that will accept my current cassette so other than rim tape,tires,and tubes … I’d have no extra expense.


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      I assume you’re looking for a 26er wheelset?

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      If you want to save some coin. Get the Performance Forte Loco wheelset. Same Alex Supra rim as the Azonic Outlaw, and Transition Revolution wheelsets, but it uses Performance hubs (front is QR or 20mm, rear is QR only) but they are totally decent…you can get the complete wheelset for under $200 when they are on sale. Strong and not too heavy…I run them on my 5" AM setup Kona Dawg. Love ’em.

      Sun Equalizer 27’s are awesome rims, you could thread them to Hope hubs or something similar for a nice strong wheel, but honestly, the Locos have so much bang for the buck it’s hard to justify it.

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