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      I’m totally new to singletracks, and I know 29ers are a hugely discussed topic these days, but I’ve got a couple of questions that I’d like help with, and from what I’ve read on these forums, most of the post-ers are pretty sensible with their replies…

      I’m looking to get back into mountain biking after being away from it for about 5 yrs, being inspired to get back into it by my awesome new girlfriend who has recently gone from road to mountain biking. And while 50% of my biking will be trail, the highlights of my riding seasons will be trips to Ferine Alpine Park for downhill maddness. So my first though was this great new "all mountain" catagory, but upon my first visit to a bike shop this year, the salesman though I might be better off looking into a 29er because of my size, 6’2 195lbs.

      My question is, am I big enough to see much of a benefit from having a 29er, like a GF Rumblefish? Or should I stick to the Giant Reign I’ve been dreaming of?

      I’ve read reviews of the Rumblefish by taller guys (6’5-6’7) saying that they are much more comfortable on 29ers, feeling as though they are riding "in" the bike as opposed to "on" a 26er, giving them more confidence. I also understand physics behind the bigger wheels and better rolling capability, BUT will it hold up to a trashing at a ski hill? (though I don’t for see any MASSIVE drops or jumps just yet)

      Well, thats enough words from me, looking forward to your thoughts,and I know you guys can’t make a decision for me, but I live in a bad place for MTB culture and no chance getting to test ride here.


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      I was in the same boat last year. I had a Trek 4500 for years and last year I decided to spoil myself. My LBS told me that I would be better off with a 29er due to my height (6′ on the nose). After surfing the net, and getting opinions from other people on the trail with 29ers, I decided it was the way to go.

      I bought the GF HiFi deluxe and i noticed a BIG difference right away. Going up hills was a lot easier. The only negative I have towards my bike is when I have to make a tight, slow turn. Sometimes I loose my momentum and have to dismount the bike. But this doesn’t happen on every ride. Another thing I noticed is the ease of going down a steep hill with roots and rocks. Before I used to feel every bump my Trek hit. Now, I can fly down the technical parts with more confidence.

      Go for it! You will have no regrets!

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      Yea I would have to vote for the 29 also. Especially for someone your height.
      Personally I havent spent more than a few hours on one, but after spending the last few months hanging out and photographing the racing crowd here in southern AZ and watching who is riding what and how well they are doing it’s a pretty easy choice.
      Im on a 26 all mountain now that I really like, and it fits me like a glove. But when this one finally gets ridden into the ground I will surely be looking at a 29 myself. For me the loss of nimbleness in the tight/technical spots is outweighed by the overall ease that they roll over the rough stuff.

      …and that Rumblefish is a pretty badass unit!

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      If you do end up purchasing a 29er, make sure the frame is designed for the jumps and drops you will experience on those downhill courses. Most of the "long travel" 29ers I have seen advertised only come with 4-5 inches of rear travel. That’s a trail bike in my book, not really a long travel bike. I have seen a few people talking about using 29ers on downhill courses lately but I’d be hesitant to take a light weight frame out on those type sof courses and end up breaking it in two. If you can find a burly frame then by all means, enjoy yourself!

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      29ers are just now getting tested in true downhill duty. The big wheels are, generally, weaker than the 26", especially under side load. Bigger rim + longer spokes = less stiffness.

      Buy something that fits the trails you’ll ride most. How often are you going to the DH park? If it’s only a few times a year, I’d just rent. If it’s more often…I’d probably look into the Reign. It’s an awesome bike, and plenty capable of taking whatever you throw at it.

      And this is coming for a guy that rides, and loves, a 29er.

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      Have you look at the W.F.O 9 by Niner yet? 😉

      http://www.ninerbikes.com/fly.aspx?layo … s&taxid=93

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