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      Just thought I would do a post and see if anyone wants to join me for some long rides.Right now I’m in about the 40 mile range.I ride 6 days a week. 3 20-40 mile rides and one 30-60 mile ride.My goal is a MTB century. Hopefully by the end of the summer. I have most of the route planned out! I usually ride alone everyones too busy these days. But I’ts always more fun when you have some one to share the pain with! So I’ll always be glad to have some company.Mostly ride Clear Creek, Summit,and Grand Counties as well as the front range. Looks like next weeks rides are going to be: Keystone [30+ miles] Tipperary Race Course[ about a 35 mile loop], and North Empire Silver Creek Loop[27miles]Image

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      If I were in CO and were in better shape I’d love to join you for some 20-30 mile rides.

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      I think I feel a ‘sickness’ coming on that will keep me from going to work tomorrow…

      Where are you riding tomorrow?

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      Don’t know how I missed your post.But anyway. Well we tried to rideTipperary creek, but Smedly’s rear axel made a loud noise and siezed up. It was soloud that a passing motorist heard it and stoped and offerd a ride.Ride aborted! So I went over to Pence Park to see if I could find this trail that I have been tring to find for about a year. Found it. It connects Pence Park with Independance Mtn.[photo].Now tomorow is sat. I was thinking about North Empire. Are you up for a ride tomorow? I would like to leave early 8-9 ish. I’ll try to get in touch.Anyone else? I’ll swing by the visitor’s center about 9 a.m. Image

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      Man! One of these days we’ll get the timing right. I can relate about the rear axle, I broke my freehub a couple of days ago on White Ranch. I was lucky to find a replacement on Friday.

      I headed to Breckenridge yesterday and thought I’d try and see where the snowline was currently at. Here’s where I went (55mi, 8,300vertft, 10hrs):

      I started at Gold Hill TH, rode the Colorado Trail to the Peaks Trail, down to Frisco via Rainbow Lake, back up Peaks to Breck, Rasta Pasta and a Red Stripe for lunch, then up Boreas Pass Rd to Baker’s Tank, up Baker’s and around to the east, drop down to French Gulch, up Little French Gulch (until the snow got too deep), up and over to the Middle Fork of the Swan, Colorado Trail back to Gold Hill.

      This was a good mix of singletrack, dirt road, and pavement with plenty of climbing on each. I liked this loop, but I wish I could bypass the pavement around the ski resort and Boreas Pass Rd…Any suggestions?

      The snow seems to be at and around 11,000 ft. The only place that it really changed my plans was in Little French Gulch where it was well over knee deep still in the shaded part of the trail. Hopefully that’ll be gone before the Firecracker 50.

      It turned out to be a good day, except I lost my cellphone in the last 3 miles.

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      Man I got to get one of those gps things! are you going to do the Firecracker 50? There is some single track through the ski area or on the other side I think you can connect with Pence Miller Ditch Trail it should take alot of the pavement out. From Breck there are a few options If you want to get to Baker’s Tank take the Blue River Trail to Pennsylvania or Indiana Gulch.[more exploring] From Carter Park take Barney Ford and Juniata trails to get to Sallie Barber Mine The local bike guide has this and many more trails around Summit County.

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      Baker’s Tank [006?]: Image

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      I’ll sign in – Im up for 20-30 mile rides, (when available). So keep a post open, or email me! Im in Denver (have a small mtb group as well). Let me know, thanks!

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