Loma CO 7-30-09

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      I am going to Loma tomorrow morning if anyone out there would like to join in. I will have a n00b with me (she is fine and single guys). Any takers, huh?. Let me know.


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      So how does your heart rate monitor read when you ride with her? 😆

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      Pictures help a LOT!!! Mmmmm spandex can be a man’s best friend!

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      OK here is the report on this. She is wearing these short shorts and really tight shirt(did I mention that I am MARRIED and she is only a friend?). She is looking really good on her Cannondale. We are on Rustlers Loop because this is her first time and she wanted it to be gentle 😳 . I can’t help but check her out instead of the trail. (did I mention that I am married and she is just a friend?) now I am in front leading the way because I have done this trail hundreds of times but I keep looking back because the view is spectacular if you know what I mean. I ask each time how she is and what she thinks of the trail as a cover up. Well I do this one too many times and I run into a rock crash and land in a cactus filling my flesh with cacti ammo 😈 she was nice enough to pick them from my flesh though.

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      Pics…or it didn’t happen… 😼

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