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      If I log in on the forum page, where I am now it seems fine, and if I go back to the home page it is fine, as soon as I click on an actual thread, whether I just click or open a new window, it logs me out.

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      Alvin, this might work for you.

      1. Log in to your account.
      2. Go to a thread.
      3. If it says you’re not logged in, try reloading the page.

      Hopefully this is just a temporary solution while we work on fixing the issue…

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      I have been having similar issues with staying logged in. Sometimes I log back in on a different page and that seems to stick. A bit annoying. Also since I started having this issue my profile doesn’t seem to be capturing all I do on the site. Thought it might be me but seeing as someone else is saying it appears I am not the only one.

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      I actually just took time to update info on Enterprise South in Chattanooga, TN and all the info was lost. Updated description and added a review and all of it is gone now.

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      – Profile pages are not currently showing all the things you do on the site, but everything is still being logged. We’ll update those pages soonish.

      – Updates to trail info need to be moderated which is why those changes don’t show up right away. We don’t want people trashing all the info on a page, for example, so a moderator looks at it before it’s approved.

      – It looks like your review of Enterprise was submitted as a reply to another person’s review of the trail (not sure if that was on purpose?).  Do you remember if you used the main review form on the page, or did you hit “reply” when reading someone else’s review?

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      Thanks for reply Jeff.

      I get that you want to review trail descriptions. That makes sense and is a good control.

      I used the ‘help improve this information’ tab on the page. I used the existing description and I believe added more detail and made it a bit more accurate. I don’t think it was a reply.

      I am not too bothered by it all but want to contribute when I can to better the site.

      Below is official link to Enterprise South map. Shows all trails in the park and is extremely accurate. I assume you can use it on the site.  http://gis.hamiltontn.gov/downloads/ParksAndRec/EnterprisePark-GENERAL%20KIOSK%20MAP.pdf

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      My bad, I don’t actually see a review from you of Enterprise South, but I do see a response to a question. So did you also add a review?

      Unfortunately we can’t use the PDF map to create the trail map on the page; we actually need the data points from a GPS unit. Some people upload map images like that to the photos section. You’ll just need to convert it to jpg or png (PDF won’t work).

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