Locking Rear Suspension (help)

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      I live in southern Ontario Canada and was wondering where I might find a lockable rear shock. I came across the thought of switching the rear shock to a lockable one after reading many posts about whether a hard tail or full suspension bike was better but I have not got the slightest clue as to how, or if, I can buy a generic lockable shock for the rear of my bike. It is a Schwinn Grande 6.1. Any information would be great. Thanks!

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      I honestly do not mean to be rude or condescending at all, so please bear with me. With that bike (I looked up the specs online), it will not be worth while to try to upgrade to a locking suspension shock.

      Ride it till the wheels fall off (it probably will not last long with moderate use), get your fitness level up, have fun with it, and save your money for a better bike that is worthy of future upgrades.

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      I agree with Blundar

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