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      What’s good people? How’s everyone doing? I haven’t been able to ride all last week and it sucks…and today, i’ve just been lazy!!! LOLOL Anywho, just wondered if the bike shops everyone deals with have their own websites? I would love to see everyone’s local bike shops’ websites!!! Mine is Fat Tire Cycle in Buckhannon, WV…they’re about 30 miles from my apartment….the local bike shop here in Clarksburg is one street over from me….only problem is, the guy isn’t real custodial to people…so i’ll go the 30 miles for quality service!!! Here’s my store’s link:


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      just wondered if the bike shops everyone deals with have their own websites?

      Here is a small list of bike shops around here in colorado,the Denver and surrounding areas.There are tons more and if you want more I will be happy to look them up for you but this should get you started.Wheat Ridge cyclery(ridewrc.com) has to be the best shop in colorado,and dare I say anywhere.Of course I have not been to every shop in the world so that just a locals biast opinion,hahaha,but they got pretty much whatever you need there from maintenance classes,womens maint. classes,race teams,training studios with yoga and spin classes etc..,heck the owners son was a tour de france competitor for the 7-11 team for 7 years,and the first american to win a stage at the giro d’italia,and a 1984 olympic bronze medalist.I’ve grown up with this shop and me and my brother bought bikes here when we were in like 1st. grade.
      Anyway,dont want to ramble too much,but hope you enjoy some of the bicycle shops around in Dener Colorado.

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      My LBS, Bike Zone:


      The guys here are great. I’ll stop in and have a cup of coffee with them and talk MTB. They know what they are doing and and they are all riders.

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      Here are the three I deal with:

      Near the house:

      Near the office:

      And when I’m in Moab:

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      Personally, I think their website could use some work, but I spend my dollars at Agees Bicycles in the Richmond area.


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      The bike shop I belong to is:


      If ever someone is in the area it is a great place to stop.

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      Keep ’em coming guys!!! I’m really enjoying everyones’ bike shops!!!!

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      Without a doubt, mine is Earl’s, huge selection, the best/fast service I’ve ever seen in a LBS, their prices are tough to beat, and if you buy your bike there, they give you 10% off future purchases and labor. They have a sizing machine, and of course they happen to be very knowledgeable about most things.


      As of now, they have a commuting challenge, where you bike to work and record your miles, and depending on how many you do, you can win anywhere between $50-$300 gift card to the shop. How can you possibly top this?

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      No web site mor my LBS but I go to Bennett’s Bike and Fitness in Mason City, IA he sells Cannondale, Specialized and Haro mostly. Great customer service and its a one man show Robin is the sales, service and owner.

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      New stomping grounds shop I frequent in the San Diego area: Can’t say enough about the service. Though geared to skinny tires, the owner also mountain bikes, and knows his stuff. Selection is a bit sparse but of course it can always be ordered. Installation of ordered parts has thus far been free.

      I’ll also add he does transport and onsite mechanic service, so if you have a large event and need turnkey bike transport and maintenance during the event, he does it. Thats waaaay out of my league though. 😀

      And back home: "The Bicycle Shop" (How can you miss with a name like that. – Service before the sale was thoughtful. Never had a chance to use them for repairs.)

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      There’s only two in my area and lucky for me I live across the street from one of them.


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      [url:2ucprdkj]http://www.sunshinecycles.com/[/url:2ucprdkj] (2 locations)

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