Little River in Durham


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      rode Little River trails today and wow they are tough. Trek7 if you are able to clear all those log crossings you are way better than me. Most places have logs that are cut to some degree so they’re not to hard to clear. Most I saw today were not cut at all. I can get across some of these but I don’t enjoy falling off my bike. It hurts. Almost killed myself on that 30 foot drop that leads to a ramp that crosses that big tree. That’s tech 4 type stuff. I’m 41 and have 2 small children. Need to be careful. Lots of rocks and more rocks and was very impressed with the manmade stuff out there. This is a tech 3 trail in my opinion and I had to go slow. It’s one of those trails you gotta ride over and over to get comfortable on. It’s also one of the most difficult trails in the triangle area.I plan to go back(once courage is restored).

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      Make no mistake, I am not able to make it over the big logs either. I was arguing that some of the biggest ones should be cut to give the trail better flow for hard tailers like me. The best solution is probably to offer options around each of the logs; if you like em, ride em; if not, go around.

      What did you think about the boardwalk with the hump in it? I thought that was pretty rad, well built. The gully w/ air bridge is a little scary going down the bridge (but doable), almost impossible to go up it though.

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      nah just kidding. It is a really cool ride. But you’re right, the trail doesn’t flow that well when you’ve got so many HUGE logs to cross. I did a few, but they just kept coming and I had had enough.It slowed my ride each time I’ve got to clip out and then get the damn shoes back in and go another 20yrds and then there’s another one. Yea, the boardwalk with the hump is very cool. As is the narrow rail leading to it. Took several pictures. That track leading down the hill with the two big turns built with banks is also very cool. I took the trail from right to left and will try it the other way next time. I still am not good climbing over rocks and they have some pretty good rock beds out there. I can go downhill with no problem though so Little River is a good place to better my skills. I live in Apex and ride Harris alot which really isn’t that challenging so the Durham trail was a nice change. Heading back to the Roost next week. Love that trail.

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      I’ve cleared all of the logs in one ride only a handful of times. It’s actually easier for me on my SS than on my dual-suspension bike. I love the logs at LR… not many places around the Triangle to practice logs.

      And I don’t know about you, but I need the practice for some of the trails in Pisgah.

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