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      I’m interested in top ten lists of FL trails from other riders. Mostly, I’m interested in trails listed 6 – 8. I figure most of the top fives will be similar.

      Stipulations – Current trails only. Please don’t chime in about how great your local trail is and how I should ride it. If you haven’t ridden at least 8 – 10 trails in FL, I’m not interested. Please don’t take any offense.

      My personal list:
      1 Alafia
      2 Santos
      3 Balm Boyette
      4 Carter Rd
      5 San Felasco
      6 Markham Park
      7 Oleta
      8 Chuck Lennon
      9 The Rock
      10 ugh, gets pretty weak for my list.

      I hope someone throws Jimmie Cottons up, I haven’t ridden it.

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      Hey Chilipepper,

      Sorry to be clearer, I live in Ft Lauderdale and ridden 16 FL trails. Nearly all of them multiple times.

      I’m interested in your list and other rider lists to see if I’ve missed anything worthwhile. Maybe something near Tallahassee or North Port.

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      "ChiliPepper" wrote

      There are a few over in North port as well that are pretty sweet, one being a nice FR type park.

      chili send me info on this!

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      Dude, you must not have been to Amelia Earhart in a while….I know it was a dump a year ago, but it absolutely rocks right now! Lots of new double-jumps, berms, everything is cut way back and mowed, very clean. Try it out, you will NOT be disappointed…
      I’ve ridden probably every trail in FL…(been racing expert for 12 years)…Amelia is up there on the list..

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