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      I started putting together a list of Dirty Century events around the US and Canada to share on the blog. Please take a look and help me fill in the blanks or add events I missed.

      I didn’t realize there were so many cool races out there!

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      Wow, this one is right in my backyard…

      There are a few listed here. Scroll down to the ‘Singletrack Epic’ section.

      And of course the be all – end all of endurance races:

      125 miles, 20k feet of climbing… Trek7k, I expect you’ll be riding this one after that little training ride you did in Georgia. 😆

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      Yeah, I don’t think I’ll be doing Vapor Trail anytime soon. 😀

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      I am thinking about doing the Cohutta 100 this year. I remember you rode it last year and I read over what you wrote about it. I’m pretty good at climbing. Long steep ascents don’t bother me unless they are technical singletrack. Long endurance riding on gravel roads don’t bother me and have run some 12 hour and 9 hour races in a 2 person team. My weakness technical riding. Is the Cohutta 100 a very technical ride? I will be riding it on a hardtail and although a 20 or 30 mile ride over technical terrain is ok with me add in the distance and fatigue and…well you probably understand. I am going to be going out to Tanasi to check out the singletrack in a month or so. Is that the main singletrack the cohutta has to deal with? My main ride is Tsali since it is so close to where I live. Ss that singletrack comparable to the cohutta? Thanks for the input.

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      You’re in luck–the Cohutta singletrack isn’t technical at all. I would say Tanasi is comparable to Tsali, though with far fewer roots. There are some loose, rocky sections, particularly near the end of the race, but I wouldn’t call those technical.

      Tanasi provides about 20 miles of singletrack on the course and Pinhoti another 5 or so on the southern end. This section of the Pinhoti isn’t technical at all and it’s all descending so it’s a blast, even on a hard tail!

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      Thanks for the help!

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      good info to me , I don’t think I’ll be doing Vapor Trail anytime soon.thanks for your sharing.Image

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