Light XC Crankset, Opinions?

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      I need some help deciding on a new crankset for my Scott Spark.

      Looking for something light and stiff.

      The Sram XX looks like a great option, but its only sold in a 2X10, and right now I have a 3×9.

      So I would have to get new shifters/derailleur I assume.

      Any opinions? Considerations?

      Thanks any help is welcomed.

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      3×9 Light Crankset Options

      XTR- 775g
      Race Face NEXT-695g (same as the SRAM 2×10 but with 3 rings)
      FSA K Force Light- 730g

      Not sure you actually have to change derailleurs if you go 2×10. You’ll just need to reset your H, L, and B screws. Shifters and cassette would be a must. I’ve heard that the cranksets and cassettes can be picky about chains so you’d probably want a 10 speed chain as well.

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      I have to say +1 on the Next SL….However Shimano’s brand new XTR is pretty light as well….Being Canadian however I say RaceFace.

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      I’ll have to check out Race Face, right now I have a Shimano FC-M542. So it would be a 160 grams give or take savings. Any thoughts on quality? Stiffness? Thanks!

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      Your getting all new technology in that unit with a revised BB which is very similar to one which I had reviewed on the Respond crankset. You also get the new turbine rings which work better than the previous race rings which were found on the Deus and Atlas cranks. The Next SL spider and titanum BB are also pretty sturdy. There is even a special cover you can get to prevent damage from crank strikes on rocks.

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      Is 2×9 possible with the SRAM XX?

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      I know of one guy who was running an XX crank w/a 9spd rear end. It worked okay, but not great.

      I don’t know:
      -what kind of chain he was using
      -what front derailleur he was using

      I do know:
      -XX cranks
      -XO rear derailleur
      -9spd cassette

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      How is a 2×9 any different than the setup many of us here in CO have by removing our big ring and replacing it with a bashguard?

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      Read up on SRAM XX’s front shifting and you’ll understand.

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      Well since I don’t run Sram, and don’t ever plan too, probably that won’t do me much good… 😀

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      Ah, they *only* pair it with the 10spd rear, so you must have a 10spd chain, which of course won’t work on a 9spd setup.

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      The beauty of XX is the front shifting, not the fact that it’s a ten speed group. The chainrings are matched in size, and the shift ramps/profiles are set up so that the chain is ALWAY engaging teeth. At the mid point of the shift, the chain is actually engaging both rings.

      What this means is you can shift the front under full load. Pedal hard as you can up the steepest climb you can find, and you can shift with no problems. You can’t do that with a normal triple crank. At least, not very many times.

      I believe all of SRAM’s new 2×10 stuff has the same technology, just the XX is the lightest of them all, but they can all shift under power up front.

      Shimano just released all of its new 10spd stuff, but I haven’t read yet if you can shift the front under power like you can with SRAM.

      What will be really cool is when Shimano comes out with an electronic mtb group 😼 I, like most people, wont be able to afford it, but it will be cool!

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