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      I recently had the opportunity to test a lot of bikes in a bike test event. Unfortunately two of my list were missing.

      I am looking for a light Trail version.

      My short list (I am a big an tall guy):

      1. Trek Top Fuel 9.8 XXL (top)

      2. Canyon Neuron CF 9.0 SL XL (didn’t test)

      3. Scott Spark 910 XL (good, but small rear suspension, set at 260 psi for my 95kg/6.4 or 193cm, so bad results)

      4. Sott Genius 910 XL (didn’t test, may be rear suspension more optimized for my weight)

      Finaly I seriously hesitate between the Trek (unfoftualtely poor quality/price ratio) and the Canyon Neuron (great quality/price ratio, but no  opportuity to test) and maybe the Genius (perhaps too small even in XL).

      Any advises?

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