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      I’m looking for a new bike.
      Currently riding a Trek 8000.
      It weighs 26.5 pounds with a Rock Shox SID front fork.
      Not interested in 29ers – so 27.5.
      Not interested in full suspension.

      I want a hardtail that weighs under 25 pounds.
      I am 5’9” and weigh 140.

      I ride mostly cross country (5-8 hour rides) and tight singletrack.
      I don’t mind the lack of rear suspension on techy descents.

      I want a light bike for around $2500.

      Any suggestions?

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      There is a guy on Pinkbike selling a brand new, Medium sized, carbon, 27.5, Pivot LES frame for $1200. If it was a 29″ frame, I would have snapped it up already. You could probably build that up at 22 lbs pretty easily.

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      Why are you hung up on sticking with a 27.5 bike? I am the same height as you and recently moved to a 29er bike. There is almost no way in hell I am returning to a smaller wheel size bike now. There are several Santa Cruz Highballs sitting on eBay that would suit you. This one in particular. Put a short stem on it and it will be a party. However, my biggest recommendation for you at your size would be going with a lightweight wheelset. This will have a more pronounced effect for you over any other weight savings.

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      How about titanium Motobecane from bikesdirect? These bikes a very lightweight and looks like fit all your criteria

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