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      Afternoon everyone, I’m new to the site, and to the US, so hello! I’ve been riding for more years than I care to remember, mostly through the rolling hills, fields and forests of England. I moved to Woodland, California 7 months ago to marry a local girl and am absolutely loving it out here. This site is great! Planning lots of fairly local trips with my brother in law who lives 5 minutes ride from China Camp. My tricked up 2008 Giant Trance X2 was one of the very few items I bought to the US, love my bike, the best I’ve had in 20+ years of riding. See you on the trails!

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      Welcome to the site and our wonderful country! Hope you enjoy your life here!
      Good luck

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      … what fishboy said. Glad to hear that you’re enjoying the riding in the US! Have you gotten up to Downieville or over to Tahoe yet? If not, I recommend that you put those destinations on your short list for the summer!

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      Thanks guys. I had a long weekend in Tahoe for our honeymoon, the wife wouldn’t let me on any trails, so I’m planning a few trips this year! Got my green card yesterday so I’ll be working in the next couple of weeks and will be able to afford to venture a little further too. I’ve got to say the riding over here beats anything in the UK, hands down 😛

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      Welcome! I’m from the Sacramento area, and have ridden the local trails. A couple of the go-to local trails are:

      Salmon Falls
      You can put these two together for a longer ride

      Has a great downhill, and can be ridden as a shuttle dh trail as opposed to the loop.

      Foresthill Divide Loop
      Rolling cross country

      Connector Trail
      Well made connection between Clementine and Foresthill

      Of course, when summer rolls around, you have to hit the Downieville Downhill and Northstaris a well done dh park.

      PM me, we can hook up sometime for a spin!

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      Thanks gar29, I’ll definitely be in touch!

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