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      So, question for all mtbers out there… Would you least a mtb if it was a decent price? Just a question to know whether or not to pursue it.

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      It depends upon the terms of the lease.  Can you clarify whether it is set up as a rental where you pay a monthly fee to use the bike or is it just a financing where you basically own the bike but are paying it off over a specified period of time?  What is the lease term?

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        Good question. It would be you get a super high quality bike (8,000 + msrp) and get a 2 year lease for x amount. Would total to about say 3-3.5 k for a bike at 8,000. The company would just buy bikes at dealer pricing in bulk. As a customer, you’d be saving money if you wanted to change bikes up every 2 years or less. A bike depreciates 55% each year so your 8,000 bike one year in is worth less than 4k. Some food for thought 🙂

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      I’d lease if I was living somewhere for several months but not permanently relocated. Like a temporary work assignment.

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      How would you handle wear and tear? Like if I return the bike at the end of two years and the drivetrain is completely worn out, the suspension is leaking oil, the tires are bald, the brake pads are down to the metal, and there’s big chips missing from the paint… what would happen?

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      I see that this thread is from four years ago, and you might have already made a decision regarding leasing an MTB. Nonetheless, I can still offer some insights for anyone else who stumbles upon this thread with a similar question. Leasing an MTB can still be a viable option today, just as it was back when this thread started. The key factors to consider remain largely the same: your frequency of use and budget. When it comes to making financial decisions like these, consulting with a professional can be beneficial. You might consider reaching out to a Mortgage Broker in Chelmsford for advice on managing your finances effectively. Although they primarily specialize in mortgages, their expertise can extend to budgeting and expense management.

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      I’ve actually leased an MTB before, and it worked out great for me! It’s a smart way to try out different bikes without committing to a big purchase. If the price is right, I say go for it and see if it suits your riding style, but better contact Mortgage Broker in Chesterfield to make the best decision. Good luck!

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