Leaf blowing at Fountainhead (VA) ?

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      Hi. I know that all/parts of this trail system is closed when wet, and that its trails are more prone to be closed during the cold months when they fail to dry sufficiently. But are leaves here ever blown off he trails ? If so, then during what months ?

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      I’m 500 miles away, so don’t have an answer. But don’t you own a rake?

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      Although it may seem counter intuitive leaf cover is actually beneficial for the trail.  Take a look at this video which was taken at Fair Hill in MD.


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        Thanks. Never befor realized how much trail erosion we see in the summer was actually caused in the winter as a result of insufficient leaf cover.

        Rode at Fairhill once.

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      @Zy  I  was unaware as well until I saw this posted by one of the trail groups earlier this year.   Apparently, the level of impact of leaf cover varies with different soil composition.  I’ve been to FH several times.  It is one of the most meticulously maintained trails I’ve ever ridden.  If it was more beneficial to clear the leaves they would do it.  Happy shredding!

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