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      BALTANAS, Spain (AP) – Lance Armstrong has broken his collarbone in a crash during a five-day race in Spain.
      Astana team leader Johan Bruyneel says on his Twitter feed that it was a clean fracture without complications. He adds that the seven-time Tour de France champion should make a fast recovery.

      Armstrong crashed Monday during a pileup in the first stage of the Vuelta of Castilla and Leon race. He was taken to the hospital by ambulance.

      The 37-year-old Texan is making a comeback to cycling and is riding with the Astana team as he prepares for another possible shot at a Tour de France title. He had not raced in Spain for five years.

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      Matt Laurer goes down as well over the weekend. Must be a rough week for bikers.

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      Yikes! That sucks, i’ve actually met the guy, he stayed at the hotel I worked at, and he was very nice, but when it comes to breaking bones, especially in a pileup, you just have to throw out your sympathy to them. But this won’t stop him from biking, not by a long shot!

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      Lance is the Man. If anyone can come back strong and quick its him. Unfortunate accident. Can’t wait to watch the the TOUR this year. Had that happen (collarbone) to a friend while MTB a few years ago. We were at the back of the trail system and he had to ride out one-handed. Saw first hand how much it hurt. Wish Lance well….

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