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      I signed up for La Ruta 2019. Pretty pumped that everything worked out for this.

      I was hoping to get some advice/input (not like – “Don’t do it man!”) – More like:

      1.) Comments/advice on housing and transportation.

      2.) Did you ship your bike to/from via carrier and bike shop or did you take on the plane

      3.) Any concerns with water (should I bring filter hiking filter)

      4.) What about clothing (I know some bring 2 pair shoes) what about multiple chamois (per day) –

      5.) Where can I find info on timing (e.g. strava splits or times per day — I’d like to figure out rough min per day so I can be relaxed – I have almost 0 fear of missing cutoffs, but I’d like to set lower limits on my speed.)

      6.) Lastly, what is up with the rafting trip? – Is it worth doing.

      And finally, I have read what I could find, but there isn’t a lot of logistics and general advice,





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