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      So I bought a Küat Sherpa 2 cheap (50 bucks cheap). The ratchet straps were cracked and faded, so I looked around to see who sold replacement parts for it. Answer? No one.

      So I called Küat and asked if they sold parts. “Whatcha need?” the nice lady asked. I told her and asked how much. “Lifetime warranty” she said, even though I had bought it used. Didn’t matter. 3 days later I had a box delivered with ALL the plastic parts, not just the ones I wanted to replace. How’s that for customer service??

      I’m a Küat fanboy now.

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      Nice!!!…old school LL Bean ask no questions ’cause we stand by our stuff (period) service.

      Surprised that the straps were crack. My Sherpa is 6 years old and spent the first four years of its life either on my truck’s hitch or out on the patio of my side yard – sun, rain, salt, and snow, that bad boy still looks almost new (straps and all). Quality stuff.

Viewing 1 reply thread

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