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      I am going to attend a BetterRide skills camp this fall. Gene suggests I invest in a set of knee/ shin guards, which is something I’ve been meaning to do anyway. Would like some suggestions on them. I’m looking for something light and comfortable, so I will want to wear them. I don’t do any downhill racing, or huge jumps, but I do like to play in the rocks. 😃

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      Knee and shin guards will not help your riding and none are light or comfortable. Take your time and learn your basic skills. Wearing knee and shin guards will not help your riding and can lead to bigger injuries because you feel you can’t get hurt so you go farther over your head. Falling over on a rocky trail hurts but pain is one of the best motivators to learn. Take it easy while you learn. Watch other riders in sections that give you trouble and learn how to do it. Go slow till you know. 😄 Later,

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      Wasn’t looking to improve my riding with the knee/shin guards, that’s what I’m taking the skill course for. I do however have enough scars to fill a book with stories, so don’t need any more. I’m by no means a beginner.

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      Knee and shin guards are an excellent investment if you like to play in rock gardens or for light freeride.

      I don’t use them as I’m more XC, but my freeride buddies really like the SixSixOne brand.

      Specifically these: or

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      I use the Race Face Rally FR, … /2509.html. They are very comfortable, but more importantly, they don’t move. Once strapped in, they stay put. I have a friend who uses some Fox Titans and he’s constantly bitching about how they fall to his shoes. They only downside I see with the RF Rally pads is that they’re hot in the summer. Because of that, I’ve taken a break wearing them until it cools off. Honestly, besides the heat, after a few rides with them on, you don’t even know they’re there. I can’t disagree more with fat_billy. For me, knee pads don’t play a mental role. I wear them because I fall now and then. When I fall, I’d rather not get hurt. I can’t afford to be away from work because of a knee injury. In my opinion, it’s not about getting better or learning skills, the best riders in the world fall off their bikes, it’s about simple protection!

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      Thanks for the replies. After some research I settled on some SixSixOne EVO Lite’s knee and Veggie shin guards. Out Of Stock Everywhere 😢

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