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      Hi, I injured my knee in spin class. I’m looking for a good compression knee sleeve to see if it will help me continue to workout & get back to mountain biking. Has anyone here tried a compression knee sleeve by Grip Power Pads? It looks great online, but I just wanted some advice before I make a purchase. Thanks.

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      How exactly did you injure it? Spin classes, and biking in general is pretty low impact. Overuse injury? Im curious because Ive had multiple knees surgeries playing football and mtbing is one of the only cardio activities avaliable that my knees feel great with, outside of winter riding.


      Also have a background in exercise science, so I may be able to help. Just need some info

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      All that just to meet some women at spin class


      ha ha

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      Getting injured in spin class… can’t believe you admitted to that!

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