Kingdom Trails on Fri 10/16

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      Howdy, folks!

      I’m heading up to Kingdom Trails in VT on Friday, October 16th for a few hours of riding. I’m an intermediate paced guy on a Trek hardtail and am heading either way, but if anyone feels like meeting up for a ride that day, feel free to let me know!


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      im heading up to kt also…but not until the 9th. riding for 4 days over columbus day weekend.

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      Ugh!! I have to work that weekend so I won’t be available to go up. However if you happen to make your way towards the Burlington area, let me know and I’ll definitely tag along. Either way have fun ripping it up.

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      I’m heading up there oct 16 or 23rd for the weekend if anyone will be up there i’d love to meet some new people! I’m just getting into mtn biking…are there any rides happening near boston area? looking for more people to ride with.

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      Asfyxiate, i have a cousin who lives near burlington that i visit quite often. i’ve never brought my bike with me because she doesn’t ride and i don’t know anyone else up there. where’s your favorite place to ride in that area?

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      There are a few that I would recommend.

      1) Sleep Hollow – Trail info and map, $6 per rider, so keep that in mind. Located in Huntington.

      2) Sunny Hollow – This trail is almost guaranteed to be empty of people. It’s actually located near the city so traveling isn’t a problem. Also the trail mixes into Camp Johnson, which is another killer trail Located in Colchester.

      3) Mud Pond Loop – One of the shorter trails, so it may not necessarily be worth the trip, nevertheless still fun. Located in Williston

      4) Saxon Hill – Lastly, one the best ones you will find near town, also probably the most popular next to the KT. Saxon has everything there. A great mix of all levels of riding. Located in Essex Junction.

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      wow, thanks!

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      I’m one of the trail stewards for Sleepy Hollow, it can be challenging to ride the first few times, as some of the trails don’t loop as easily.

      If you want a lot of rideable terrain, also be sure to check out the Hinesburg Town Forest.

      As mentioned Sunny Hollow and Saxon Hill are good choices close to town. Saxon is a lot of fun, but it is getting so crowded/popular that it isn’t quite as good as it used to be (lots more trails to ride out there though).

      Mud Pond is fun, but short.

      Be sure to check out the Fellowship of the Wheel (, we are the club responsible for building and maintaining most of the trails in the area. If you plan to ride in Chittenden County regularly, be sure to donate $25 to the cause. It gives you access to all our GPS maps for the trails we maintain! It also gets you free riding at Sleepy Hollow.

      In between Chittenden County and KT (which I don’t go to, as I don’t care to pay when there is a ridiculous amount of top-notch free riding in this state) there are 4 or 5 major trail networks maintained by various clubs. Stowe has the Stowe Town Forest, Waterbury has a very active club with trails from Richmond over to Duxbury/Waterbury. Waitsfield/Warren area has a club with a lot of great stuff in the Mad River area.

      Sugarbush has lift serve and a bike park, Bolton used to, but I think they don’t do it any more. VT stuff can be hard to find, but there is tons of it out there. It’s slowly becoming more accessible to non-locals.

      No offense to places like Catamount and KT, because for a long time that all there was for riders in VT. They are fun to go to occasionally, but the past 5 years, there has been an explosion of trail-building activity around the state. Top quality trails with free access. has links to a lot of the clubs.

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