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      Dear Friends,

      I have a 7 year old. I have chosen a Diamondback Tess 20 Mountainbike from Amazon. I chose it for several reasons: 1/ it has trigger shifters 2/ budget 3/ daughter wanted a “pink” bike.

      The only thing I would actually change on it is a front crank which is a 42T to a 30T. I have seen that many expensive bikes have a 30T chainring. I was wondering if chainrings and cranks are standard from a fit perspcetive and can I simply buy a 30T chainring from a store lets say amazon, and replace the stock crankset on Tess 20 and adjust chains. The other question was around dual chainring guards. The original Tess has that but i could not find any of that for a 30T online or on amazon.

      Would this approach work: 42T to 30T . I intent to invest in a better bike from 24 or 26 inch onwards for my daughter, but wanted to see how I can atleast give her a better gear ratio by changing to 30T for uphills as I anticipate she outgrowing this one in 1.5 or so years.

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