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      Anybody ever ridden the trails near Kettle Moraine South in Wisconsin (I’ve seen them referred to as Kettle, and also the John Muir trails). I’m taking a camping trip there with the wife & kids in July and plan on riding them. Didn’t know if anyone could verify their awesomeness or give me any recommended routes. Thanks in advance!

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      Its an awesome place to ride, probably one of the best in the area. I’ve only ridden one of the trails, on the south part, can’t remember which color or what ever they are labeled by.

      Also, don’t forget to get your rider permit (not sure if that’s it or not) because I got a "ticket" for not having one.

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      Yeah, I’ve heard about needing a permit to ride. Not sure where I can get it…I assume when I check in at the campsite they’ll probably be able to help me with it. Thanks for the heads-up!

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