Kelley Blue Book for Bikes?


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      I’ve been borrowing a Jamis Durango for about a year now. It’s got to be at least four years old. Hardtail, disk brakes (as I think is the case for all Durangos). I’ve ridden it pretty hard in the time I’ve had it. I’ve also replaced the hubs and usual wear and tear items (brake pads, cables, etc.). The bike’s owner now wants to sell it to me. The b*tch in me says, "Dude, why would I want to buy it, it’s hell of used!" But the ex-Catholic feels guilty and thinks, "yeah, ok I’ll give you some cash for it even though it’s about time I buy new bike just for me."

      So the question: How much is it worth? He hasn’t named a price yet, but i want to feel confident about a counter-offer if he tries highballing me. Any input?

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      I would check the internet for other used bikes similar to the one you are using and come up with a ball park figure. I don’t know of any used bike price guide.

      I also have to say that if you have been riding for sometime and have the money to buy a quality new bike your money would probably be better spent doing so.

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      Interesting question…

      I’d say check eBay and view the prices of closed auctions (that is, auctions that ended in a sale) to get an idea.

      It might also be helpful to know the retail price of the bike when it was new. Of course determining the year of a bike can be tough (they don’t have VINs) but once you know that, you can check the BikePedia where they have the MSRP of almost any bike ever made. Heck, I didn’t even remember what I paid for my 1999 Trek 7000 but according to the BikePedia it sold for $899.

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      i’m getting my new Jamis Durango1 today around noon and MSRP and LBS price are one in the same 635.00+tax if that helps you compare anything.

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