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      Hey there, new to the site…so first of all, hello.

      I have been riding for a few years now. My wife has expressed interest in going on rides with me etc… So, I want to surprise her with a new bike. Not knowing how she will actually take to riding, I don’t want to go over board on the purchase, but don’t want to buy her a Next from Walmart either. I figure if I stick to the 350 range, I will be able to get her something in the beginner range that is somewhat respectable.

      Any one know anything about the K2 ZED 3.2 6000 series? Ran into one locally. I don’t think it’s a model K2 features on their website as the bike is sold through Dicks Sporting Goods (retail chain). Bike has spram components and suntour suspension fork (hard tail). It’s currently on sale for 300. I rode it a round a bit and have to admit that it didn’t feel bad at all.

      I also rode the 2008 GT Aggressor at a mom an pop shop up the way. They want 365 for the bike. This one is equipped with Shimano components as opposed to Spram.

      This isn’t intended to start a Spram vs. Shimano dispute… both are on the lower end, I just wanted to see if anyone here has heard of, or had experience with either bike.

      Thanks in advance everyone.

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      For the stated purpose, either would probably be fine, and would come down to fit and comfort for her.

      If you buy one to surprise her, make sure to double-check with the store to be sure you can exchange for a different size if needed.

      I got my wife a low-end Iron Horse at Dick’s and for as much as she rides right now it’s adequate. I’ve taken a spin on it and other than being incredibly too big for me, and a little heavy, it’s a decent ride.

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      True enough and good words of advice. Thanks man.

      Any one else…..experienced or not with either of these bikes?

      Will also take recommendations.

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      I don’t have experience with the specific models, but we did own a pair of 2006 (I think) K2 Sidewinders from Sports Authority. They were adequate, but did have numerous problems. The following problems were true of both bikes, so I can probably rule out an isolated lemon.

      I’ll skip the rear suspension complaints, since you’re considering a hardtail…

      Rear derailleurs required constant tinkering. Sometimes several times a ride.
      Disk brakes were horrible. I believe the rotors weren’t truly flat (same thickness throughout), as they weren’t bent. They’d lock through part of the rotation, and have no braking power for the rest.
      Cartridge bearings for the steering tube were extremely creaky. Never did get this to adjust out completely and stay away.

      On the plus side, construction was good, the frames were solid, and the shifters were crisp (when the derailleurs stayed in adjustment:P)

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      I am just about a month from riding my second K2 into the ground, (Attack 1.0 & Lithium 3.0) and I have enjoyed most every hour of it! The reason I don’t purchase another one is simply my personal riding skills and enjoyment of riding have increased over the years and I now justify spending more money on a sport that I know I am going to love doing for a long time to come.
      For an entry level bike both of these will work just fine, they will give her a chance to see if she really likes doing it. Echoing Maddslacker’s input, make sure you have a shop that is going to either exchange or help you fit the bike to her. Also later as she will want to change-up to custom grips, pedals, maybe a different saddle, etc, its all these kinds of customizations as you learn more about your own riding style that help your skill level & confidence increase over time.
      Either one of these bikes is stepping stone if she is going to continue riding in the future. Personally I vote for the K2 but it depends on how you feel about the shop and the support they are going to give you later.

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      I dont know much about K2’s bikes, but I do know they were owned by Iron horse which has filed for liquidation under bankruptcy and a new company has bought the K2, Columbia, and JEEP brands from them. The bikes in stores now are old stock from iron horse and you may have warranty issues…

      http://www.bicycleretailer.com/news/new … /2741.html

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      Good looking out on the warranty issue!

      Looks like no matter which bike I go with, it will not be a world of difference.

      Thanks for replys guys!

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      If it matters I have the Diamond Back response(frame only). I tore it down to the frame and did a custom rebuild and have been riding it hard ever since.

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      Nice! I’m actually doing my first build… for myself. I ended up picking up a used 2005 specialized pro disc for my wife. I picked it up for very little $, cleaned it up, re-greased the bearings etc… and she is good to go. It rides way better then the K2 / GT bikes I rode at the shop… and I saved $, which is always good.

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      It is fun huh? My wife hates my bike. I bought it for around $500.00 brand new, took it home stripped it and spent another $1200.00 rebuilding it. I can see th loathing in her eyes every time she looks at it but damn she sure does enjoy riding it ( the bike you perv). Go figure. Have fun with your build.

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