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      I recently picked up a used K2 Evo 3.0 and it did not have a rear disc mount.It had 2 threaded holes where one could bolt up so I emailed K2 and asked where I could pick one up,they said a company in Scotland had them and sent me a link…..I went there and their online store had closed and everything left got listed on Ebay.I checked their Ebay link and they had nothing listed anymore,gone….gone forever!!!!

      The only way it seemed I was going to get one of these mounts is to make one so I did,here are pics…





      I just have to find the right thread pitch screws and it’ll be ready to go!

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      Totally sick. It must be nice having that machine shop at your fingertips! You can make ANYTHING bwahahah.

      I assume only 4 of those holes are used for mounting, the others are to lighten it up a bit?

      I want to see a stem next…

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      Yeah,the top 2 holes are for the mounting only and the 2 lowers are either for looks or to lighten it,not sure.I used K2’s frame assembly PDF. file on their site for a rough idea of the shape and basically just kept their holes through the drafting process.I’m not quite sure how much the 2 ,1/4" holes and 2 ,3/16 holes lightened it up but they look good,haha.

      I would like to work on a stem but I have no plans as of yet,it would be a fun project though.I’d have to come up with a logo at that point and have it laser etched onto the face. 😃

      Well,some news on the installation of the nice bracket.A lot of times,the assembly process reveals the imperfections of layout and machining by having a hole be ten thousandths off or with this part the angle of the mating surface could have been off enough to throw off the caliper and rub the disc at an angle.The only 2 problems I had were my inside edge that lays against the swingarm weld was not quite rounded enough to allow the mating surface to lay flat,and the 2 mounting screws I bought ,one had a split thread.Other than that I was amazed at the fit! I returned the screws for a pack with no split threads and everything went together like butter.

      I happened to have 2 metric taps at work and the bigger one just happened to be the thread pitch that the frame was already threaded at so that made cleaning the powder coating out of the threads and finding mounting screws a lot easier.


      I also polished it up a bit and I almost couldn’t believe how well it fit.


      Dare I say….perfect? Haha.


      It’s ready to go ride! Which I did,a 5 and a half mile midnight trail ride a couple hours after I mounted it.


      It did great on the ride and I just wish my brakes were of a better quality now.

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      that looks really good, almost like the bike came with the mount, i know if i was to see your bike on the trail i wouldnt have noticed that you made that mount, so all in all thats an excelent job you did, makes me wish i had a machine shop to make some one off parts.

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      Thank you very much man!

      I gotta say,that is probably the coolest,most functional,and exact part I’ve ever made for myself.

      If more people in the world had such and interest in machining and the machines were available to them,there would be some incredible parts being made out of necessity but for the average person to take an idea to a shop and have them make it,it is many times just not worth the cost.

      I bet this would’ve cost about $200 to have a shop make just 1 of them but if they did it on a CNC, subsequent parts would be much cheaper since the program is already done.

      One day I hope to have a CNC in my own shop but for now I am very lucky to have a job where I can make things like this,otherwise I’d be running rim brakes on this frame for the rest of it’s life.

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      "GALAXY" wrote

      It did great on the ride and I just wish my brakes were of a better quality now.

      Maybe you can machine some new brake calipers too! 😆

      Seriously though, I knew a guy when I was in college who had a machine shop and he helped me machine some one-off stuff. (bike and lawn mower parts) It was incredibly fun and informative.

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      I’ve got a 1999 K2 Evo which I’m running into the same issue – just bought new disc brakes and didn’t think to see if the rear mount was comparable. I have the 2 screw holes …. but can’t find the bracket. Any chance you could make another one and at what price? I’ve ordered an A2Z one but don’t think it will be very secure. Also, the pictures have been taken down … can you re-post?


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      Anyone Else looking for this bracket ….. a manufacturer on Ebay ([url:3gmqfnr8]http://myworld.ebay.com/racing_green_motorsports?_trksid=p2047675.l2559[/url:3gmqfnr8]) sells them in the UK. They run ~$90 so not cheap …. but much better than all the Brake Therapy BS which add lots of weight & lighten you wallet too much.

      Here’s a link to the latest ebay listing:

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