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      I have been riding a cheap Wal-Mart FS bike. I have been looking at a good entry level bike for a few weeks. With lots of reading on here and looking in the LBS, I test rode a Jamis 29er, Specialized 29er, and Trek Marlin 29er. I did not like the Jamis, fork was way too sofe (and I’m a big boy). I like the Specialized. Yesterday I rode the Marlin and really liked it.

      All 3 of these bikes were at different LBS’s. The guy at the Trek store took the time to set the bike up for me just for a test ride. Which I think made it feel a little better for me. That on top of a 15% discount off the $639.99 price tag it was a deal I couldn’t pass up.

      I just picked it up today and can’t wait to get home and ride!!!

      Hope to get my girl interested in MTB by letting her ride the Wal-Mart bike and see if she likes MTB’ing, if so we will get her a good bike.

      Thanks for all the great info on the site which helped me find a bike and get one.

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      enjoy your new bike

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      Enjoy!!!!! hopefully your GF will like it too

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      Start with flatter, smoother trails with the GF. Go only to places you know well. Minimize the hike a bike. I’m working on this one too. For some beginners there is nothing worse than being lost in the woods pushing bikes over rock gardens and up hills. Even downhills that I love to rip (best part of riding!) are not always as much fun for beginners. Good luck!

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      We need to decide, once and for all, whether GF stands for ‘GirlFriend’ or ‘Gary Fisher’

      Although reversing them can make for some hilarious reading… 😆

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      I’d rather ride the GF any day!

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      "ltud" wrote

      I’d rather ride the GF any day!

      I’m with you on that one I rather ride the GF any day…. 😆 😆 😄

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      Both of the GF’s 😉

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