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      After 2 or 3 "disposable" mountain bikes from Target (all Schwinns) I took advantage of an end of year sale at my local bike shop. Since the sale was ending tomorrow, I sort of impulse bought a new bike. Being that I am a newbie to the whole scene, I’m looking for a second opinion. The bikes I tested (all brand new)

      2009 Giant Anthem X3 (priced at $1700)
      2008 Gary Fisher HiFi Plus 29 (priced at $1200)
      2009 Trek Fuel Ex (priced at $1300)

      I ended up buying the Gary Fisher. It felt the best. Maybe because I’ve never been on a bike with 29" wheels. Plus, it was the cheapest with the highest mark down ("Original" sticker price was $2200) What do you guys/girls think? And, by the way, I mostly ride in Middle TN. Not many rocky trails, just mud, roots and wood.

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      I have your same bike, and I think you got an amazing deal. I bought mine in jan. of this year at full price. I live and ride in northeast AL. The terrain here is perfect for the fisher. A really good improvement you can make to the fisher is a new set of maxxis crossmark tires w/stans tubeless setup. You wil save a ton of weight and lower rolling resistance. Enjoy your new ride!!

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      Whoo-Hoo. Just rode it for the first time yesterday. It felt like I was in a monster truck with those 29". Really smooth going over roots and rocks. Definitely gave me WAY more confidence. I then hoped back on my old bike. Lol! Felt like a big-wheels! Cheers everybody.

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      Those HiFis are sweet arent they? 😃 I havent tried a 29 but I looooove my deluxe. They are a real confidence booster so be careful 😀 I paid the piper for mine last week.

      Enjoy your new ride man!

      Oh yeah, you got a bitchin deal! Thats a lot of bike for your buck.

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      Karsanac–where did you get it from? I’m looking for my first entry level bike. I’ve been to MOAB in Murfreesboro, Nashville Bike Shop, The Bike Peddler, and another one on West End across the street from the others.


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      I went to the Bike Pedlar In Hermitage. Before that I went to the Bike Pedlar in Nashville, the other bike shop right next to it and Cumberland Transit. (Those last three listed are all on west end within 4 blocks of one another) I got the bike during their end of year sale. They were selling all 2008 bikes "at cost". I don’t know what kind of sales they are having now. But, I am going back to the hermitage shop Saturday to pick up my pedals. So, I’ll look to see what kind of deals they have going on (if any).


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      Thanks I appreciate it. I live in Murfreesboro. I was at the ones on West End today. None had a whole lot of selection. One had 2 Haro’s, one had Giant and Scott, and one had Trek.

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      "pookie" wrote

      Thanks I appreciate it. I live in Murfreesboro. I was at the ones on West End today. None had a whole lot of selection. One had 2 Haro’s, one had Giant and Scott, and one had Trek.

      So, the one in Hermitage didn’t have much of a selection either. 2008 Gary Fisher HiFi Deluxe 29 for $1100, but it was a small frame (16") The other GF was a regular HiFi Deluxe without a price tag. It was the same one I tested at the beginning of the month. At that time it was ~1500. It was a Large frame (19"). They also had a lot of Trek Cross-over bikes, but nothing ready for the trail.

      When I talked to the owner, when I bought my bike, he told me they weren’t going to be stocking a lot of mountain bikes since they sold so poorly last year. (Hence the big sale off at the end of the year). Instead, he was going to have test models, then they would order one for you.

      So, I know that doesn’t help. Sorry.

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